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Natural Citrus Fiber | High Water Holding | Emulsification | Gelling Properties
Citri-Fi, an upcycled natural citrus fiber, is derived from the by-product of the citrus juicing industry. Citri-fi is derived from soluble and insoluble orange fibers. A patented process free from chemical modifications converts them into Citri-Fi, which may be used in a range of applications. The high water holding and emulsification properties of CitriFi benefit a variety of applications including bakery, beverages, dairy, dressings, frozen foods, processed meats, pet foods, meat substitutes and dairy alternatives. Citri-Fi also replaces ingredients like gums, starches or chemical stabilizers.  It has a neutral taste and is non-allergenic. It has a fiber content of 70% and is labelled as Citrus Fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour. Citri-Fi is a clean label and natural citrus fiber that provides multiple functionalities that can be used to improve product texture, nutrition, costs and labelling. 

  • Bakery,Cakes & Premixes
  • Processed Meat
  • Beverages
  • Dressing & Sauces
  • Soup & Curries
  • Dairy Products (Yoghurt, Cheese, Sour Cream, Smoothie)
  • Oil Plating
  • Meat Substitute (Vegan Meat)
  • Frozen Foods
  • Dairy Alternative
  • Pet Foods & Treats
  • Meats: yield improvement, purge reduction, juiciness
  • Bakery: improved freshness over time, egg and/or oil reduction
  • Sauces: thickness, stability, pulp reduction
  • Beverages: thickness, mouthfeel, pulp reduction
  • Dairy: stability, emulsification, thickness
  • Frozen Foods: stability, ice crystal reduction
  • Pet foods: strengthening, binding,
  • Plant-based Foods: emulsification, moisture retention
  • Natural, Clean Label, Non-GMO, Plant based, Non-Allergenic, No E-Number, Up-cycled, Ecofriendly, Free from Chemical Modifications, Holds Water, Emulsifies, Bids Oil, Vegan, Meat like texture, Full Body Mouthfeel 

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