Rapid Food Diagnostics

You can’t depend on traditional methods of testing which takes days together to release the finished products. Our role starts here by identifying the best-of-its-kind product line which helps to maintain the safety and quality of the finished product. Rapid Food Analysis Kits are more Reliable, Accurate, Easy to use, Fast, and Affordable with Reproducible results. Hygiene Monitoring System provided by us can give cleaning and sanitation verification results in just 10 seconds. Harmful microorganisms can be detected with AOAC Approved kits in less than 8 hours. The product lines represented by us are designed to help maximum accuracy, consistency, efficiency, and convenience.  We offer “Dipstick Test” (LFS) for Antibiotic Residue and Aflatoxins screening, which shows various color lines in relation to the contamination level found in the sample of Milk, Meats, Seafood, Honey or other foods made from cereals and vegetables. These easy-to-use tests can be performed anywhere in the field or inside specialized laboratories. Validated and comply with International Standards and Norms with respect to the allowed maximum residual limits Offering rapid and multiple answers while being very simple and cost-effective. Targeting a variety of contaminants: Residues of veterinary drugs (including antibiotics), and Mycotoxins, which can be found in various food products.

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