The Byonoy Absorbance One is the most compact and portable single-mode UV-visible spectrophotometer. The Absorbance One pushes the boundaries of dynamic range, while wavelengths from 280 to 600 nm allow for a wide variety of endpoint assays. It’s capable of reading multiple cuvette variants, allowing for standard, semi-micro, and microvolume measurements. Its affordability and compact design make it available to every lab and workstation.

  • Type: Single beam, single wavelength cuvette photometer
  • Detection Method: Absorbance
  • Cuvette Types: Micro, Semi-micro and Macro cuvettes
  • Supports Windows,MacOS, Android
  • Capable of reading up to 5 OD.
  • Automatically detects and reads a variety of cuvettes.
  • Results within the fraction of a second

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