Hygiene Solutions

Hygiene Solutions

Ensuring hygiene is the best way to control any kind of microbial contamination. We provide the fast and best available tool which can verify the presence of ATP within 10 seconds called the Hygiene Monitoring System. It collects, analyzes, and reports the data so you can prove the effectiveness of your facility cleaning and infection prevention programs.

In case the premises are found to be contaminated we provide the Best Enzymatic Cleaning Solution with High-performance products reserved for professional use. The product line offers from multi-surface and multi-sector solutions to ultra-targeted state-of-the-art technologies depending on the sector and specificity of the applications.

You deserve the best Cleaning Devices! Exclusively produced for the professionals focusing on cleaning and handling Dairy, Food, Drink, Pharma, Chemical Industries, and Cleaning Contractors with their No.1 choice. The product line includes a variety of brush ware, shovels, squeegees, scoops, scrapers, one-piece water, and telescopic handles in many sizes all in 11 different colors. Product safety is a high priority therefore we supply Metal and X-Ray-detectable tools and Pens providing extra Assurance.


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