Count Plate

Rapid methods and automation in microbiology is required for better and faster control of raw materials and final products, rapid microbiological methods are essential in the early detection, and characterization of microorganisms and their products in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industrials as well as environmental monitoring and clinical applications. 

We offer various rapid testing methods.

Rapid microbial count plate based on the ISO standard method utilizes the dehydrated culture medium to cultivate various bacteria in 24 h to give you a visual and easily-counting result. This count plate is readily usable and no extra culture media is required. The bacteria will grow on the plate with proper incubation. The result can be enumerated with counter.

Available for different types of bacteria:

  • Salmonella count
  • Bacillus count
  • Listeria count
  • Coliform count
  • Staphylococcus count
  • Aerobic count

Key features:

  • Provides results within 24 hours of incubation time
  • Plates are sample-ready, eliminating the time-consuming, tedious step of preparing media/agar dishes 
  • Rapid count plates provide accurate, efficient, consistent results.