Water Test

5-in-1 Water Enzymatic test strips semi-quantifies Nitrates (NO3), Nitrites (NO2), Total Hardness, Free Chlorine, and pH in water. Suitable for any type of water testing including CIP rinse water, water used in food & beverage processing (i.e. beer, juice, soft drinks, wine, soups, etc.), tap water, well water, fish farm water, farming, and more. One test strip is intended for testing a single water sample. The determination of total water hardness is based on a chemical reaction between an indicator dye – eriochrome black – with Ca2+ and Mg2+ cations, which causes a concentration-dependent change of color of the indicator dye.

  • Results in Less Than 2 Minutes
  • Easy-to-Read Color Scale
  • 5 Tests in 1 Strip

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