Metal & X-ray Detectable Pens

Metal and X-ray detectable pen of choice for many leading food and pharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe. For HACCP and due diligence, selecting detectable factory pens and markers is highly recommended to avoid evasive shards typically produced when pens moulded from brittle plastic are crushed or broken. 

  • Proven levels of detectability by metal and x-ray detectors.
  • FDA approved. Certificated to permitted EU migration standard.
  • Complies with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8*.
  • Global consistency in quality and service.
  • Leading in design and product innovation.
  • Shatterproof.
  • Chosen by the most discerning Technical Managers.
  • Highly visible ink indicators
  • Positive retracting mechanism
  • Smooth finish
  • Safe under duress
  • Detectable housing
  • Long writing life
  • One piece plunger
  • Large lanyard loop
  • Strong pocket clip
  • Unique cartridge suspension
  • Contoured for thumb and finger
  • Increase accountability

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