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Director’s Message

We would to express our sincere gratitude to all our patrons whose ardent support has been our inspiration. It is our privilege to be one of the best referred Rapid Food Diagnostics & Unique Ingredient Suppliers in India. We believe in economizing production and improving the quality of the end product, the basic responsibility of every R&D/QA Team besides Saving Time as “TIME IS MONEY”. With the Regulatory Body in place the Indian Food Processing Industries long to find cost-effective solutions to maintain product quality. Being a Partner in your progress our benchmarks are Quality, Economy & Prompt Service.

Our Product line has been categorized into Rapid Diagnostics, Ingredients & Hygiene Solutions

Our Suppliers are dedicated International Specialists in their respective fields. The data gathered over the years and Recipes available along with uninterrupted technical support and guidance always help the NPD/QA Team of our customers in improving the quality of existing products and introducing innovative products and idea

We are proud of being a very familiar name among the quality-conscious Food Processing & Dairy industries

We assure to remain committed to the service and live up to your expectations.

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Joseph Thomas

Innovating technologies for healthier food products !

Established in 2000 keeping “Nature Conscious” as our mission we could achieve formidable and sustained growth with the full support of the Industry. Confidence bestowed by our patrons, decades of research expertise and dedication of the R&D Teams of our Suppliers together with our technical team we aspire to be the best solution provider to the food processing Industries. Routine Testing kits to Preservation we touch every sphere of food production. Quality, Economy and Promptness are our keys to success.

Our extensive product range includes Rapid Food Analysis Kits like Antibiotic Residue screening tests in milk, Aflatoxins in various food matrices, Hygiene Monitoring Systems, Dairy cultures, Microbial rennet, Flavours, Stabilizers, and Antioxidants etc. We represent various Multi- National Companies, who are dedicated international specialists in their respective field in India as their Sole Distributor cum Technical Support Team.

  • Our Vision – Ingredients & Ideas for Healthier Products for Genext!
  • Our Mission – Nature, Quality & Economy Conscious!

Quality Policy

Nature ,Quality & Economy Conscious

Being ‘Nature and Quality Conscious people’ we, at Duke Thomson’s India Pvt. Ltd, solemnly resolve to identify the most advanced technologies and processing aides from the international market, which shall be used to upgrade the quality of the products of our customers at par with international standards.

We believe in creating new possibilities and standing values for our business associates, suppliers, customers, and most importantly end users as well our employees, who correspond the image of our company at every level and create the presence of a better society.

With adoption of Quality Management System, we commit ourselves for continual improvement with quality and cost effective manner to ensure customer satisfaction.